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Supporting local artists, designers, and small business owners is becoming more common, and this decision is creating a great positive impact. There are many long-term benefits when shopping locally, such as Supporting local businesses = Supporting local economy = Supporting local community!

To clarify, spending your money on local businesses helps stimulate the local economy, and a large amount of the money spent remains in the community. Therefore, local shopping keeps businesses thriving in your community.

Each local store was someone’s dream, and each handcrafted product has its own unique story that stays alive with you once you buy that product, where you become a part of its story that might even pass down for generations by you! Supporting local people means a great appreciation for the work and services they provide. And remember, buying handmade products is your opportunity to own unique one-of-a-kind pieces that are made with love and care!

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Shopping at large retail chains with fast consumption won’t give you the same experience as shopping locally. We find that this represents an ongoing challenge because we are accustomed to welcoming and celebrating the arrival of international chain stores. Although some of the economic benefits of bringing chain stores to the region are understandable, the tangible economic and societal benefits are greater when shopping from local businesses. In order to make a difference and spread awareness of a better and more sustainable lifestyle, it takes time, passion, and commitment.

Where you spend your money matters! Let’s make better choices for our communities and start shopping local, one purchase at a time.

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