Supporting local artists, designers, and small business owners is becoming more common, and this decision is creating a great positive impact. There are many long-term benefits when shopping locally, such as Supporting local businesses = Supporting local economy = Supporting local community!

To clarify, spending your money on local businesses helps stimulate the local economy, and a large amount of the money spent remains in the community. Therefore, local shopping keeps businesses thriving in your community.

Each local store was someone’s dream, and each handcrafted product has its own unique story that stays alive with you once you buy that product, where you become a part of its story that might even pass down for generations by you! Supporting local people means a great appreciation for the work and services they provide. And remember, buying handmade products is your opportunity to own unique one-of-a-kind pieces that are made with love and care!

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Shopping at large retail chains with fast consumption won’t give you the same experience as shopping locally. We find that this represents an ongoing challenge because we are accustomed to welcoming and celebrating the arrival of international chain stores. Although some of the economic benefits of bringing chain stores to the region are understandable, the tangible economic and societal benefits are greater when shopping from local businesses. In order to make a difference and spread awareness of a better and more sustainable lifestyle, it takes time, passion, and commitment.

Where you spend your money matters! Let’s make better choices for our communities and start shopping local, one purchase at a time.

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THIS is why handmade products are more expensive

You are 100% correct if you think that handmade products are pricey, but have you ever thought of WHY they are pricey? We are living in a society where everyone wants to support ????

We have several justifying reasons why handmade products could be on the pricier side.

So, here are a few points to remember when shopping locally:

  • Each product is made with love and care!

Every single product you find on Naseej was carefully constructed by someone that spend countless of hours perfecting.

Here in Naseej, every single product comes straight from the creator’s heart and passion. Those ????? put all their work into making you that one product, so their attention to detail is impeccable. On top of that, each product is unique, so you get to own one-of-a-kind pieces!

  • Most local stores are owned by women

Living in our society, not all women can afford the luxury of being independent, having jobs, or even work outside their homes! So, as a solution, they turn to start their own business and work from home where it becomes their main source of income. 

  • Materials cost more than you think!

Handmade products are almost always of high quality because as mentioned earlier, the work you’re buying is someone’s passion and dream, so correspondingly, they’ll ensure the materials they use are of high-quality only, which could be costly! 

  • So much time is spent on a single product

When something is handmade, it means that no mass production machinery was involved and that everything was made by hand. A machine could make hundreds of a product in one day, whereas one person would take hundreds of hours to make a single product. And as we said before, craftsmen have great attention to detail, which takes an incredible amount of time.

So, Long story short: handmade products are expensive because each product is made with love and mostly by women as their main income source where expensive materials are used and an incredible amount of time is spent on a single product. 

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Start Selling on Naseej with These Easy Steps!

It’s crucial not to over-complicate things when it comes to setting up your own store here at Naseej, so the best thing you can do is start right away whether you’re a student, an employee or a housewife. The best part of your day could be running your business and selling to people who value it.

If you spend a long time focusing on getting everything perfect, you may never end up launching and starting your store. Once you have something up and running on the site, you can always make improvements.

How to Attract your Target Customer?

If there’s one thing we know for sure, it’s that many business owners have struggled, and perhaps continue to struggle, to identify their ideal customer or target market. You may have read, watched, or heard about finding this elusive group of people who will love your product and often work to identify them, but now we want to talk about ways of attracting them to you.

Here are 3 crucial tips to attract ideal customers for you and your business!

  1. Solve their problems

Whatever product you sell, it should solve someone’s “problem” – no matter how you personally define a problem – and having a solution to this problem will give them a better life quality. People who are constantly looking for a product to buy always need to know how your product will solve their problem in order to feel good about spending their money.

  1. Price it for them

Your prices will also attract your target audience and repel others, which is good! For instance, if someone is usually shopping at Aldo, Chanel may not want to attract him because he’s not their ideal customer. This customer has different values that may not match the Chanel values, so it’s better to attract like-minded buyers and one strategy to that is pricing!

  1. Continue on appearing to attract your target customer

You won’t draw anyone into anything by hiding in a corner. You need to keep appearing; keep on posting, continue to assess your best practices, continue to show your products on social media, share with your customers your business steps, and link with their days and times.

5 Ways to Build a Business Brand!

Branding isn’t only about having cool graphic designs and using trendy colors. So, what exactly does “brand” mean? In Naseej, we define brand as *insert Naseej’s definition* Making a brand is a process. So where should you start?

1. Be unique!

we know this might sound like common sense, but it’s easier said than done. It is crucial for you not to be a copycat, so whatever you’re trying to sell it must be able to attract attention and provoke curiosity. 

2. Define your ideal audience.

If you base your business on a great and unique idea without defining your target audience, your marketing efforts will suffer. 

So really think, who are you targeting? Who are the people who need your product/service the most? Who’s your ideal customer? Use this information to craft your branding, to cater to your specific audience, and to get maximum engagement and interaction.

3. Choose your brand name CAREFULLY!

Pick a name that’s meaningful, distinctive and memorable, something you can own, and easy to say, spell and remember,

4. Have a memorable logo.

With the unique name, a unique logo should go along with it. Remember that visual effects are more powerful nowadays!

5. Use social media

Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn..etc. All of these social media platforms have incredible powers for advertising and collecting followers, so don’t underestimate them!

Branding strategy is important to the success of any business. If you dream about continued success and customer loyalty, you need to be purposeful about the brand.