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THIS is why handmade products are more expensive

You are 100% correct if you think that handmade products are pricey, but have you ever thought of WHY they are pricey? We are living in a society where everyone wants to support ????

We have several justifying reasons why handmade products could be on the pricier side.

So, here are a few points to remember when shopping locally:

  • Each product is made with love and care!

Every single product you find on Naseej was carefully constructed by someone that spend countless of hours perfecting.

Here in Naseej, every single product comes straight from the creator’s heart and passion. Those ????? put all their work into making you that one product, so their attention to detail is impeccable. On top of that, each product is unique, so you get to own one-of-a-kind pieces!

  • Most local stores are owned by women

Living in our society, not all women can afford the luxury of being independent, having jobs, or even work outside their homes! So, as a solution, they turn to start their own business and work from home where it becomes their main source of income. 

  • Materials cost more than you think!

Handmade products are almost always of high quality because as mentioned earlier, the work you’re buying is someone’s passion and dream, so correspondingly, they’ll ensure the materials they use are of high-quality only, which could be costly! 

  • So much time is spent on a single product

When something is handmade, it means that no mass production machinery was involved and that everything was made by hand. A machine could make hundreds of a product in one day, whereas one person would take hundreds of hours to make a single product. And as we said before, craftsmen have great attention to detail, which takes an incredible amount of time.

So, Long story short: handmade products are expensive because each product is made with love and mostly by women as their main income source where expensive materials are used and an incredible amount of time is spent on a single product. 

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