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5 Ways to Build a Business Brand!

Branding isn’t only about having cool graphic designs and using trendy colors. So, what exactly does “brand” mean? In Naseej, we define brand as *insert Naseej’s definition* Making a brand is a process. So where should you start?

1. Be unique!

we know this might sound like common sense, but it’s easier said than done. It is crucial for you not to be a copycat, so whatever you’re trying to sell it must be able to attract attention and provoke curiosity. 

2. Define your ideal audience.

If you base your business on a great and unique idea without defining your target audience, your marketing efforts will suffer. 

So really think, who are you targeting? Who are the people who need your product/service the most? Who’s your ideal customer? Use this information to craft your branding, to cater to your specific audience, and to get maximum engagement and interaction.

3. Choose your brand name CAREFULLY!

Pick a name that’s meaningful, distinctive and memorable, something you can own, and easy to say, spell and remember,

4. Have a memorable logo.

With the unique name, a unique logo should go along with it. Remember that visual effects are more powerful nowadays!

5. Use social media

Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn..etc. All of these social media platforms have incredible powers for advertising and collecting followers, so don’t underestimate them!

Branding strategy is important to the success of any business. If you dream about continued success and customer loyalty, you need to be purposeful about the brand.



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