Shop Page Criteria

Your shop page is the first impression you give your potential customers. A well-coordinated shop will help tell the story of who you are and what’s unique about your products, capture the shoppers attention and gives them confidence to buy from you!


A shop page is made out of:

  1. Logo (Profile Photo)     2) Header 3) Name 4) Biography

Criteria for logo:

Dimensions: (1200 x 280) pixels

  • Logo must be professional & attractive.

  • Logo must be high-quality resolution. 

  • We advise you to have your logo aligned with your brand identity.


Need help with designing a logo? Contact us at [email protected].


Criteria for header:

Dimensions: (150 x 150) pixels

  • Header must be professional & attractive.

  • Headers can have multiple images of your products. (You can take photos of someone using it, and add text on top)

  • Header must be high-quality resolution.


Need help with designing a header? Contact us at [email protected].


Criteria for shop name:

  • Easy to read.

  • Unique & memorable.

  • Short name.


Criteria for biography:

  • Say hello!

  • Simple guide to inspire you:

    • Who are you?

    • What’s your educational and/or artistic background?

    • What do you make? Do you have a signature product? If so, what’s the story behind that product?

    • What do you enjoy most about making the things you sell?

    • What are your hobbies?

    • What are you passionate about?

    • Who or what inspires you?

  • Make sure there’s no spelling or grammar mistakes.

  • Be short & sweet!


Your bio is so important! Use it to introduce yourself to shoppers and other sellers in the Naseej Market community. Make your bio personal by describing things about yourself and your business. You can add your interests, crafts, hobbies, and other fun things about you. To enter your bio: On Naseej Market, go to Vendor Dashboard, Settings, Store.



Product Listing Criteria

Before you add your products, make sure to follow the guideline for the product listing criteria! A well-coordinated product listing will make customers much more likely to feel confident in purchasing your products.

These are product listings:

A Product Listing is made out of:

  1. Images 2) Title 3) Description 4) Details

Criteria for images:

Images are the #1 most important thing to increase sales.

Photo requirement:

Recommended: (800 x 1,000) px

Size of the photo must be smaller than 1 MB.

Here’s a trusted link to compress images: 



  • The photo needs to be high quality resolution to attract the customers. (Not blurry, low quality, pixelated photos)

  • Make sure you have great lighting. (Natural light is great!)

  • Take multiple pictures of the product. Close ups, far away, different angles (sides, front, back) show details, show someone wearing/ using it. Have a minimum of 5 photos in your product listing. (People love this!)

  • Show the scale of the item by having another piece next to it as a reference.

  • Use props to make the photo more attractive and consistent with your branding.

  • Take photos without flash! Shadows, reflections, and greyness will make your photos less attractive.

  • Choose an attractive photo for the thumbnail that shows the full product.


  • You can enhance the photos by editing it from your phone, we suggest just adjusting the lighting and saturation. Make sure that the product colors in the photo are still the same as they are physically.

  • Do not add designs or shapes to the photo. Keep it natural!

  • Do not add your shop’s name to the picture. It might make it look “unprofessional”.


Criteria for title:

  • The title should be descriptive, but keep it short. (Some examples are: Children’s Space Wall Stickers, Colorful Beach Bag, Harry Potter Themed Stickers)

  • Be very specific with keywords. (keywords are simply the words / phrases that people type into search engines to find what they’re looking for. For example, if you were looking to buy a new abaya, you might type something like “floral summer abaya” in the search bar. Even though that phrase consists of more than one word, it’s still a keyword.)

  • Make sure that the spelling and grammar are correct.

  • Avoid ALLCAPS and symbols in your title or description.


Criteria for description:

  • Be very specific. Add every detail about the product that you can think of.

  • Use attractive words to encourage your customers to buy more. 

Check this website for ideas! : (

  • If your product has benefits, add them.

  • If your product has ingredients, write them down so people with allergies can take a look at them.

  • Add the material the product was made of.

  • Make sure to add the prices accurately.

  • Know your audience. If your customers are mothers, you can use words such as “safe for children”…

  • Make it easy to read, so add bullet points or highlight important info.

  • Have a size guide that shows the measurements in cm/in of each size.


Criteria for details:

  • Make sure to add a text box/drop-downs if you provide custom products, so that the customers can tell you what color/name they want. (if you embroider, print, or draw on the product..)

  • Make use of variants for sizes & colours

  • If users are asked to enter a name to personalise a product, make it clear how many characters they should use.


Criteria for category:

  • Add your product to its correct category and subcategory.

  • If your product belongs to more than one category, add it there as well. 


Criteria for tags:

  • Don’t skip the tags section and add as many tags as you can think of that are relevant to your product. This helps your product be found by customers searching for it on the internet.




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